William Okpo

I can assure you you’ve never met two people quite like the sisters Okpo, Darlene & Lizzy. With hair down to here and an incredible sense of style its no wonder William Okpo is one of the most buzz-worthy lines in NYC. 

Named for their Father, William Okpo, the collection was born by the sisters from a mutual love of fashion, creativity & wearability. 

Daughters of Nigerian immigrants, Darlene and Lizzy were motivated by the interplay of their parent’s personal style with the American culture. 

With William Okpo, the Okpo sisters wish to illustrate the unique aesthetic that results from the juxtaposition of the immigrant’s sense of style against American cultural sensibilities, offering the modern feminine designs with touches of masculine elements. William Okpo is for women who celebrate their cultivated sense of style.

Gen Art is proud to have showcased William Okpo’s runway debut, September 9th, during Fresh Faces in Fashion which you can view here.

For more on William Okpo head over here.

photo creds: Jason Eric Hardwick